IPTI Global Annual Event 2020 (In English, with simultaneous translation)

October, 5th 2020
6:30pm - 7:30pm (New York time)
Mangue Mangue


Child Education – challenges and solutions from today to 2030

We are increasingly aware of the importance of child education and the window of opportunities at the early stages of life. We have the opportunity to generate greater equality at the beginning of life by promoting socioemotional skills as a structuring step in the full development of children. However, few people know about the current scenario, especially in regions of extreme poverty. There are many challenges we have to face to create favorable conditions for all children in Brazil. With the precious and urgent opportunity, we have to act now for these new generations of Brazilians aiming to reduce social inequalities. The panel will present a portrait of the Brazilian reality and data on factors that contribute negatively to the development of children, with a special look at Santa Luzia do Itanhy, our global laboratory. We will also present examples of what is and what can be done to change this scenario. If we want the Brazil we dream of, child education is a viable opportunity that needs our attention and unity. Join us at IPTI’s Global Event on Oct 5th at 6:30pm.

It’s time for recovery It’s time for education It’s time for connection It’s time for collaborationI

6:30pm - 6:35pm (NY time)

Welcome – Lara Fontes and Ana Carolina Ferreira

6:35pm - 6:50pm (NY time)

IPTI’s Update and next Challenges – Saulo Barretto

6:50pm - 7:10pm (NY time)

Seminar “Child Education – challenges and opportunities”

7:10pm - 7:25pm (NY time)

Seminar: Q&A

7:25pm - 7:30pm (NY time)

Conclusions and a surprise

Priscila Cruz

is executive president and co-founder of Todos Pela Educação. She has a master's degree in Public Administration from Harvard Kennedy School of Government. She has a degree in business administration from Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV-SP) and in law from the University of São Paulo (USP). She is Chairman of the Board of the Articule Institute and member of the Boards of the Department of Judicial Research of the National Council of Justice (DPJ / CNJ), the Museum of Modern Art of São Paulo, the Itaú Social Foundation, the Singularidades Institute, CEIPE/FGV and Diversa at Rodrigo Mendes Institute. She is a member of the Education Studies Group of the Institute for Advanced Studies at Unicamp.

Flávio Cunha

is Ervin Kenneth Zingler Professor of Economics at Rice University (Houston, Texas, USA) and a founding faculty affiliate of the Texas Policy Lab, a new initiative of the Rice University School of Social Sciences, that provides scientific expertise in designing, implementing, and evaluating public policies conducted by state or local government agencies. He studies human capital formation and its link to long-run economic growth, inequality, and poverty.

Marco Antônio Vieira Souto

is head of strategy of Dreamers Group, former Artplan Group, the major 100% Brazilian group in communication. He has a degree in Propaganda and Publicity from UFRJ. He has been working with the most important brands in Brazil in the last 40 years such as: BB, Coca-Cola, Petrobras, BR, Texaco, Caixa, BNDES, McDonalds, Unimed, Amil, Estacio, Cultura Inglesa etc. He is a counselor of Escola de Gente, non profit organization oriented to advocacy for disabled people. He is also mentor of Top2You.

Saulo Barretto

is from Sergipe, an ideas engineer with a doctorate in structural analysis of complex problems, co-founder of the Instituto de Pesquisas em Tecnologia e Inovação (IPTI), where he is responsible for institutional relationships, communication and new businesses. Since 2009, he coordinates the IPTI consolidation process as an international reference center in social technologies in Santa Luzia do Itanhy, south of Sergipe and one of the poorest municipalities in Brazil, a city that is becoming the world capital of social technologies.


Ingo Ploger

is Brazilian, businessman, founder and president of IPDES (IP Business and Institutional Development). He is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Robert Bosch América Latina, member of the Board of Directors of Companhia Melhoramentos de São Paulo SA (of which he is a shareholder), member of the Latin America Regional Council of MAN (VW Group) - TRATON, of LAPP of the Brazil, and SONDA, member of the Robert Bosch International Advisory Committee, of the Board of Trustees of FEI (Fundação Educacional Inaciana), of the Deliberative Council of Investe São Paulo (Investment Promotion Agency of SP), of CEB (Coalizão Empresarial Brasileira), of the ABDIB Thematic Council and member of the Business Movement for Innovation - MEI / CNI. He is President of the Curator Council of the Fundação Criança Instituto ITACI (Child Cancer Treatment Institute), member of the Advisory Council of the Fundação Faculdade de Medicina da USP. He is a Commander for the Order of Rio Branco and received the Official Cross of the Order of Merit from the Federal Republic of Germany in 2006.